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Mr. Smith
United States
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I've got some of my time sorted out and am revisiting starting a email / chat game.

The BESM system will be used for character creation and advancement, but only for keeping track of relative abilities and such.  Dice/randomness will be kept to a minimum to keep things simple and I'll be arbitrating most of the actions.  Game style will be similar to Shadowrun with a group of contractors becoming embroiled in a larger conflict.  With TF elements that you would expect from a game run by me of course.  Setting is near-futuristic with a brief rundown at the end of this journal entry.

Right now I'll probably go with 3 players, but with chances of others being added later depending on how things go.

If your interested, note me here, or email me at doctorquatro(at)

Feel free to ask questions below as well.

Setting information
In the future, mankind has finally been able to begin the colonization of space.  The small orbital colonies provide a playground for the wealthy, and a new laboratory for experimentation.  By exploiting the properties of zero gravity, huge benefits have been made in the fields of manufacturing, nanotechnology, and biogenetics.

But all this progress has come with a cost.  The continually fund starved governments of the world turned over much of the development of the colonies to private organizations.  Because of this, most of the advancements have fallen into the hands of a relatively small number of corporations, and advancements that could be used for the betterment of the world are only avaliable to the highest bidder.  This disparity has caused great strife amoung different groups planetside as those on the bottom seek to improve their situation, and those at the top seek to maintain their status quo.

This has in turn caused a leap in cases of industrial espionage.  Frequently outside help is needed to accomplish a task that most would rather keep their hands clean of.  Possessing a wide variety of skills, these contractors help maintain deniability while accomplishing things that other people might not.  In a situation like this, the chance for profits are high, and a skilled team can quickly build a reputation of excellence.... or expendibility.

Recently an outpost run by Xenotech Enterprises LLC has experienced problems with power fluctuations.  Seeking insight into their advanced A.I. research, a rival company has dispatched a small group of contractors hidden among the technicians being sent up for repair.
  • Listening to: Cherry Kewlaid

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